Imagine traveling to a part of the world undiscovered by the average tourist—seeing geological features that rival the Grand Canyon; discovering archeological evidence of earliest human existence; experiencing one of the lowest points on earth, riddled with active volcanoes; meeting indigenous people living as they did in ancient times; exposing yourself to flora and fauna thriving in only one country: ETHIOPIA. Ethiopia: the cradle of civilization and the fastest growing economy in Africa offers the greatest range of experiences for the sophisticated traveler. Epic Ethiopia allows you to create your own unique experience by selecting destinations and adventures from a surprising menu of options. Your price range, your schedule, your sense of wonder, and your cultural curriculum can be designed according to your tastes and needs.

Ethiopia is a country of beginnings: The origin of one of the first written languages; the site of some of the earliest Christian churches, carved out of rock rather than built; considered widely to be the birthplace of man with the discovery of “Lucy,” a 3.2 million-year-old hominid thought to be the “missing link”; and the indigenous source for all coffee in the world today. Indeed, there is much that separates Ethiopia from the rest of the continent: It is the only country in Africa that was not colonized and retains its own language and alphabet. Ethiopia is also distinguished by its extraordinary cuisine and by its cultural multiplicity - having Christian, Muslim, and Semitic sects living in proximity, as well as multiple traditional religions that are vital to this day. Ethiopia is unparalleled in its geographical wonders offering one of the highest points in Africa (at Mount Ras Dashen) and one of the lowest (at the Danakil Depression), delighting you with stunning waterfalls, rivers, and lakes; dazzling you with exotic birds and beasts; and surrounding you with sites that inspire the art of its people.

Epic Ethiopia serves knowledgeable international travelers like us. We are Ethiopians who have lived abroad and understand the requirements of Western travel. We are also inexorably linked to our birth country and are passionate about sharing its complex and seminal history, which is important to its present day Renaissance. Please explore our site and learn about the possibilities that will explode your previous travel experiences.

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